Spiritual concepts


masculine and feminine almost in balance ......

In everyday life, in order to progress spiritually the Subconscious and its emotions and the Conscious mind with its Intellect must be in balance.  Without balance the person becomes either an emotional irrational nuisance, or a hard hearted clever person lacking in any wisdom or compassion.  

Symbolically, the Conscious and Subconscious are represented by the feminine and the masculine, and thus symbolically this can often be shown by a woman and a man holding hands or some other similar act showing harmony between the two sides.  Other symbols used are:

The same concept of balance is also applicable to the two contrasting sides of any person's functions - the black and the white side, Darkness and Light. 

Frontispiece to J. J. Becher Oedipus chimicus,
Amsterdam, 1664

The final meaning has to do with the kundalini experience.  In order to get the two energy streams - the 'hot' spiritual output and the 'cool' spiritual input in balance so the energy flows round in a productive and safe way, your system has to be in balance too.  The means by which this is achieved on an ongoing basis is to make sure the Intellect and emotions are in balance, so there is not a conflict in definitions here, it is simply another by-product of the same concept. 

There are however ways of getting the energy flows back in balance using the various stimulation via trigger point methods.





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