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Jami - Since I am hit by slanders



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quoted in Bakharzi, Maqamat, pp.127-128.

چو تيغ تهمت و تير جفا رسد ز حسود
بس است ترک خودی خود و نيستی سپرم
به بحر شعر اگر فکر من شود غواص
بهای يک گهر آيد خراج بحر و برم
ولی چه سود که در کام ذوق تيره دلان
هميشه چاشنی تلخ می دهد ثمرم
چو نيست لاف هنر جز دليل بی هنری
چرا دليل اقامت کنم که بی هنرم
Since I am hit by slanders and receive blows from jealous ones,
(My tools in this fight) are: leaving my inner self as my helmet, and annihilation as my
Since I am a diver in the sea of poetry,
The value of a pearl from this sea is enough tax for the seas and lands,
In the garden of prose if I use my pen,
Even a withered palm would bear fruit,
No use, in the eyes of ignorant ones,
My fruit always tastes bitter for them.
Since boasting about one’s talent represents lack of it,
Why should I brag about mine?
So I will be perceived that I lack it!

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