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Heine, Heinrich - The North Sea - Myself am moved by the secret



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Poems Selected from Heinrich Heine – by Kate Freiligrath Kroeker
From the North Sea 

Myself am moved by the secret
Mysterious power of the distant strain
An infinite yearning, a sorrow profound
Steals over my heart
My scarcely healed heart
I feel as though its wounds were kissed open
Once more by beloved lips
And that again they were bleeding
Red warm drops of blood
Which trickle down slow and slowly
Upon an old mansion below
In the deep ocean city
Upon a dreary old gabled mansion
That stands in a sad drear solitude
Save that at a lower window
A girl is sitting
Leaning her head on her hand
Like a poor and forgotten child
And I know thee, thou poor and forgotten child

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Heine, Heinrich

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