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Rene Magritte and J H M Whiteman



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The Mystical Life - J H M Whiteman

I was in a state of relaxed watchfulness while lying in bed, when the visual field opened out so that a scene was presented in bright light inside a circular boundary.  In the centre was a large rock of some substance like granite on a sandy beach, near the water's edge.  The thought occurred to me that I might get through the opening on to the beach and almost at once I left the body and approached the rock.  There was no particular sension of passing through the opening, but I merely came quite near to the rock, till I could see its surface glistening with points of light, making an impression of greater vividness than in the physical world.  No sooner had I arrived near the rock, however, than I became conscious of difficulty in breathing, which distratced me and brought me back in a few moments to the physical body.

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Rene Magritte - Clouds

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Magritte, René

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