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Braveheart - An island hut and pencil case



Type of Spiritual Experience


Braveheart is a man and the journey described is part of a series of journeys he undertook.  The symbolism is in some cases personal.  In real life he does not have long hair, so the image created for him is symbolic.
What makes the observation interesting is the continuity that occurred between the various times that spiritual experience was attempted - sometimes days occurred between each attempt but the experience continued from where it had left off the previous time as if it hadn't ended.

The pencils may have a different symbolic meaning to the one in the symbol section and be more in the way of keys to different levels and layers.

A description of the experience

Journey 4

I am high in the air and a dramatic dawn is breaking. A very large sun slowly rising over the sea brightening things up with different coloured light. I slowly turn to a horizontal position and start to move speeding up all the time. Soon I am rocketing along with my hair streaked out behind me. I slowly lose altitude until the sea is rushing past below me in a blur. A low droning sound begins and gets louder. As it does I slow down until I am drifting over a shore towards a dark green forest beyond a silver beach.

Flying over the forest I am joined by a flock of coloured birds that pans out each side of me. After a while the flock speeds up and goes on ahead of me to form a swirl of colour circling over a clearing. I guide myself down and step onto the clearing as if I am an expert parachutist landing. The ground is of very dry grass and in the clearing is a hut surrounded by rush fencing like coarse thatching. There appears to be no opening in this fence. I walk around the fenced hut a few times at a loss how to enter.

I decide that maybe it is not worth entering and start to move off towards the edge of the clearing. There is a thin tree between me and the forest wall. As I approach it the tree spins and moves towards me. I stop and the spinning tree transforms itself into the tall girl in the  long black and gold dress that I encountered before in the medieval market.

She takes my hand and leads me back to the fenced hut. As we approach the fence we just pass through it hand in hand. She takes me to a small open doorway and indicates that I enter which I do. The old knife sharpener is inside sitting on a wooden chair with the Pencil case on his lap. The case has grown in size to about 50 cm long and 15 cm wide. He holds it out for me and I take it. I open it and find that the ten pencils within have been sharpened to fine points. Each one is a different colour: the same as my toes were in a previous journey!

I leave the hut and show the open case to the girl. She selects the sky blue pencil from the case. She holds it out for me to take. I close the case and give it to her so that I can take the pencil. The girl raises her arm to point to the sky and I rise up holding the sky blue pencil.

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