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Ynglinga saga - 08 Chapter Eight



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Óðinn established in his land the laws that had previously been observed among the Æsir. He ordained that all dead people must be burned and that their possessions should be laid on a pyre with them. He said that everyone should come to Valhǫll with such wealth as he had on his pyre, and that each would also have the benefit of whatever he himself had buried in the earth.

But the ashes were to be taken out to sea or buried down in the earth, and mounds were to be built as memorials to great men, and memorial stones were to be raised for all those who were of any account, and this custom lasted for a long time after that.

Then one sacrifice was to be held towards winter for a good season, one in the middle of winter for the crops, and a third in summer; that was the sacrifice for victory.

All over Svíþjóð tribute was paid to Óðinn, a penny for each nose, while he was to protect their land from hostility and make sacrifices for good seasons on their behalf. Njǫrðr married a woman called Skaði. She would not have relations with him and later married Óðinn. They had many sons.

One of them was called Sæmingr. About him Eyvindr skáldaspillir composed this:

Honoured by shields,
Háleygjatal the Æsir’s kin
on the troll-woman sired
a tribute-bringer,
when the poets’  friend
and famous Skaði
made their home
in Manheimar.
and sons in plenty
the ski-goddess
got with Óðinn.

Note: Manheimar means ‘world of love or desire’.

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