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Surdas - Fatephur Sikri manuscript - NPS 792



Type of Spiritual Experience


This is entirely symbolic, it should not be taken literally

A description of the experience

POEMS OF SURDAS translated by Professor John Stratton Hawley

If you drink the milk of the black cow, Gopal,
you'll see your black braid grow.
Little son, listen, arnong all the little boys
you'll be the finest, most splendid one.
Look at the other lads in Braj and see:
it's milk that brought them their strength.
So drink: the fires daily burn in the bellies
of your foes-Kans and Kesi and the crane."
He takes a little bit and tugs his hair a little bit
to see if his mother's telling lies.
Sur says, Yasoda looks at his face and laughs
when he tries to coax his curls beyond his ear.

The source of the experience


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