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Kabir - A certain bird sits in the tree



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A certain bird sits in the tree.  The delight of life is where it dances
Nobody knows where the bird is, nor what all the music means
It makes a nest where the branches make the most darkness
It appears at dusk and disappears at dawn, and it never
gives one hint of what all this means
Nobody talks to me about this singing bird
It has no colour, nor is it free of colour.  It has no shape,
no form, no boundaries
It sits in the shadow thrown by love
It lives in what cannot be reached, where time doesn't end,
where dying things don't exist and no one pays any attention to its coming or going
Kabir says:  You brother, you seeker, this whole thing is a great mystery
Tell all the wise men it would be a good thing to know where this bird spends the night

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