Symbols - What does heaven look like


A complex symbol that takes its meaning from a host of other symbols.

Nests are made by birds, thus the first connection is the symbolic bird.  The next connection is that of the Egg – and the idea that something new is hatched from the Egg.  We also have the concept of the twisted and knotted state of the nest which can occasionally mean the same as the Gordian knot and at other times that of the Crown of Thorns.  The final connection is that birds build their nests in trees, thus there is the connection with the Tree .

So if we pull all these complex strands together, a potentially ‘high flying’ soul born to be important and influential is born high in the tree of life and thus high in the Intelligence hierarchy.   Depending on the state of the nest – his or her  Destiny may be extremely difficult and ‘thorny’ – very tricky – or it may just be difficult with numerous problems to solve.

Mircea Eliade – Shamanism Archaic techniques of ecstasy
Another Yakut legend also collected by Ksenofontov, relates that shamans are born in the north.  There a  giant fir grows, with nests in its branches.  The great shamans are in the highest branches, the middling ones in the middling branches, the least are low in the tree. 
Some informants say that the Bird-of-Prey mother, which has the head of an eagle and iron feathers, lights on the tree, lays eggs, and sits on them; great, middling and lesser shamans are hatched in respectively three years, two years and one year. 
When the soul comes out of the egg, the Bird mother entrusts it to a devil shamaness, with only one eye, one arm and one bone, to be taught.  She rocks the future shaman’s soul in an iron cradle and feeds him on clotted blood.

All symbolic of course, but you can see the pattern – the nest as the symbolic nurturing place of high flying shamans.  And eventually of course the baby shaman will be born.  Have a look at the observation for Husha bye baby.


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