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Hafez of Shiraz - Thirty Poems - At dawn I came into the garden



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Hafiz of Shiraz – Thirty Poems [translated by Peter Avery and John Heath-Stubbs]

At dawn I came into the garden to catch a breath of the roses
To cool my head for a little, like the nightingale sick with love
I gazed upon the red rose in its glory
Shining like a lamp that irradiates the darkness of night
So proud it was of its beauty and its youth
It could show all colours of disdain to the poor nightingale
The narcissus lets fall a sorrowful tear from its eye
Black souled with grief, the heart of the tulip is marked with a thousand brands
The iris shoots out its tongue, the sword of a rebel, against it
The anenome gapes its mouth wide like a scandalmonger

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Hafez of Shiraz

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