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Rumi - Mathwani - A voice came from God to Moses



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Rumi – the Mathwani

A voice came from God to Moses,
"Why hast thou sent my servant away?
'thou hast come to draw men to union with me,
Not to drive them far away from me,
So far as possible, engage not in dissevering;
The thing most repugnant to me is divorce'"'

To each person have I allotted peculiar forms,
To each have I given particular usages,
What is praiseworthy in thee is blameable in him,
What is poison for thee is honey for him,
What is good in him is bad in thee,
What is fair in him is repulsive in thee,
I am exempt from all purity and impurity,
I need not the laziness or alacrity of my people.

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Rumi, Jalaladdin

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