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Dante - Paradiso - The Sun



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Dante – The Divine Comedy

How shining must a thing be of itself
To be visible in the Sun, which I had entered
Not by its colour, but simply by its light.

Though I should call on talent, skill and practise
I could not say what would make you imagine it;
Yet it may be believed;  may the sight be longed for.

And if our fancies do not attain
To such a height, there is no cause to wonder;
For no eye sees a light beyond the Sun's.

Such, in that place, was the fourth family
Of the high father, who eternally contents them
Showing how he breathes forth and how he begets.

And Beatrice began; 'Give thanks, give thanks
To the Sun of the angels, who by his grace
Has elevated you to the sensible Sun.'

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Dante Alighieri

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