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It may be helpful here to have the Model of the Mind open for reference whilst reading this definition.

The Reasoning function is a precursor to the actual decision making process.  It uses Memory to work out what might be a reasonable course of action given the Perceptions.  If Memory is good, well-structured and logical, the Reasoning process can produce good results.  If our Learning function has been poor, then the Memory database will be poor and ‘Reasoning’ will produce rubbish.

It is important to give some thought to how Reasoning works, because the suppression or overload of the function of Reason is one of the keys to spiritual experience.  You can’t suppress or overload a function unless you know what it is you are suppressing or overloading!

The main inputs to the reasoning process are the Perceptions and Memory.  The Reasoning process extracts the Perceptions on which it has to act – the Threats and the Opportunities.  It uses information on what our Objectives are in order to do this, our Desires and our Obligations as well as the Emotions that go with a Perception.  And it then works out a course of action that it thinks might match the requirements using our Memory.

So, Reasoning works using our mental model – our Memory.  It traverses the Database of facts deducing information, or it uses the Learnt function models – heuristical or otherwise  - to try to deduce information from the information we already have in Memory supplemented by any extra stuff we get from our Perceptions.

What is output is information which can be used to make a decision, decide a course of action.

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