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Dr G. B. Kirkland - The others were passing me very rapidly, hurrying towards the light which was brightening



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Light, vol. LV, 1935, p. 226, [also quoted in Dr Robert Crookall - More Astral projections]

contained, in abbreviated form, a lecture delivered by Dr G. B. Kirkland to members of the International Institute for Psychical Research, South Kensington, on April 5th 1935. Dr Kirkland, after a series of operations, officially "died". His account of what happened is as follows:

To my surprise, I found myself looking at myself lying on the bed. The thought just flashed through me that I didn't think much of me-in fact, I didn't approve of me at all. Then I was hurried off at great speed. Have you ever looked through a very long tunnel and seen the tiny speck of light at the far end? It seems an incredible distance off.

Well, I found myself with others vaguely discernible hurrying along just such a tunnel or passage-smoky or cloudy, colourless, grey and very cold.

... The others were passing me very rapidly, hurrying towards the light which was brightening, but my draperies or something clogged my feet, and I could scarcely crawl. After a bit, the going became easier, and I was just beginning to enjoy myself when someone or something rose up before me, blotting out the light.

Instantly it became terribly cold again. I was furious and fought madly, but-was gradually forced back. Then there was a complete black-out.... The next thing I knew was that I was alive again-only just, and very sorry for myself.

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