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Look at that lovely light, isn't it beautiful?



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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

. . . towards the end of his life, Mike . . . would often drift off to sleep and come back to us and say that he had seen a strong light, but that it was not time to go yet.

Approximately two weeks before my father's death he would tell me about various family members who had died, who he said had been to visit him, particularly my mother and my brother who had died years before. He would say there was a bright light, then he would see them and he could talk to them . . . I sat with the family for a while when he called me. I went to his room and he said,

'Look at that bright light' (apparently on the wall opposite his bed). He was staring at it and sitting up, 'Look at that lovely light, isn't it beautiful?' I could see nothing.

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