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Wordsworth, William - On the Power of Sound



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How does the creation finish?

A voice to Light gave Being.   ‘Being’ means not form but function –  being is software not hardware.  We are chroniclers, we record what has happened as best we can. One of the objectives of creation is to produce systems that are a balance between opposites – thus harmony – sadness and happiness, bright and dull, white and dark  - or as Wordsworth says smiles and tears. 

 ‘Though earth be dust and vanish’, [so even if form disappears], ‘though the heavens dissolve’ [and subsequently even if function disappears] , ‘her stay is in the Word, that shalt not pass away’ [the Word will still remain].

A description of the experience

From On the Power of Sound – William Wordsworth

A Voice to Light gave Being
To Time and Man, His earth bound chronicler
A Voice shall finish doubt and dim foreseeing
And sweep away life's visionary stir


Is Harmony, blest queen of smiles and tears
With her smooth tones and discords just
Tempered into rapturous strife
Thy destined bond slave?  No!  Though Earth be dust
And vanish, though the heavens dissolve, her stay
Is in the WORD, that shall not pass away

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Wordsworth, William

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