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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

Diane Brown told us that the day before her husband Alan was diagnosed as having an abscess in his spinal cord, and septicaemia, he was in so much pain that several times he had begged God to let him die. What happened to him then has all the hall marks of a classic near-death experience.

Suddenly, he began seeing the most fantastic colours, more beautiful than he had ever experienced before; he found himself floating and the colours changed to a blindingly bright white fluffy light (his words). All his pain was gone and then the clouds parted and hands were beckoning him. He went forward, he wanted to go forward with all of his might. He did not give a thought to me or our children, he just wanted to go towards the light. Then, in his words, 'Some bastard kicked me in the back and I was back in my bed,.' Oh, he was so angry.

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