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The atheist who decided she couldn't stand anymore, slit her wrists and has a NDE



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Love is the Link – Dr Pamela Kircher

… a woman who was an atheist prior to her NDE told of a profound spiritual experience during a suicide attempt. She had been in an abusive relationship for quite some time. In the midst of a particularly violent argument, she decided that she couldn't stand it anymore and slit her wrists. Her feelings just prior to the NDE were despair and anger.

As she lost consciousness, she found herself out of her body and in a tunnel. Initially she heard the sound of bells, which soon turned to music. She then found herself in the presence of pure Light and Love and recognized that all, of the things that had led to her suicide attempt were not as important as they had seemed at the time. In that moment, she understood that all that matters is love and she became a spiritual person.

Since that experience, her life has changed dramatically. She left the abusive relationship, became a much happier woman, and has never contemplated suicide again. She feels that the experience was a real gift to her to get her off a self-destructive path and into a much more peaceful and loving existence.

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