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Freedom Long, Max - Turning into Light



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Recovering the Ancient Magic – Max Freedom Long

I can give an idea of Realization by telling of those dreams.  My first dream was one in which I wandered afar and came into a field of virgin snow of incredible whiteness.  As I gazed at snow which could be so very white, I suddenly became a living part of the whiteness of the snow. In that state I was part of a whiteness, the utter perfection of which made the other snow of my dream muddy and impure – at least it seemed so to me ever afterward when I compared the visual sensation with the sensation of being whiteness itself.

During the time of being whiteness, I lost all memory of the small boy in the bed.  When I awoke I attempted to describe my dream.  In this I failed and fell into confusion. No one seemed to understand so simple a matter as that I had not seen the whiteness or felt it with my hands or with any other part of me.

I explained over and over that I " turned into whiteness " - which was exactly the sensation I remembered. While I was that whiteness I was not aware of feeling any size.  I was not in a place. I had no feeling of time, and so could not say how long the wonderful dream had lasted. I  was very sure that I had not become snow for the simple reason that I had felt neither hot nor cold, softness nor wetness.  My last sorrowful words usually were, as I remember them:

" No, it was not like any of that. I just turned into all the loveliest and whitest whiteness there is”.

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Freedom Long, Max

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