Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Muller's false prophesies



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


In the Royal Library of Berlin, there is a book dated 1816, which sets forth in full the "History, visions and Prophecies of Johann Adam Muller, farmer of Maisbach, two hours from Heidelberg”, written down by pastor Hautz in 1808.

What Muller experienced was not a prophecy nor a vision but an hallucination coupled with inter composer communication and what marks it out is that the vision was of a probably bodied soul, who was making mischief.  The figure in this vision spoke extensively and gave instructions, furthermore it appeared to quote from the Bible.  All true prophecies tend to be symbolic visions without words and often quite difficult to unravel correctly.  If words and language are used the rule is that a human being is involved and that human being is likely to be living and out of body.

The communication that Muller received was of no earthly use to him or the King it was meant for, but because he was, needless to say, much affected by what had happened to him he tried to deliver it anyway.

Numerous visits of the apparition urged him to depart and poor bewildered Muller finally asked his wife what she would do if he were to absent himself for three or even six months. She told him she would fall into despair.

In the end, the interfering spirit became so insistent,  she relented and Muller then left upon his mission.  He had numerous adventures before he eventually arrived in Konigsberg; and the military authorities, partly out of curiosity, offered to take him before the queen.. When he insisted that it would be unseemly to deliver a message for the king to anyone else, the queen organised an audience with them both.  But what he told the king is, on his own report, a complete waste of the king’s time and energy.  He recounted his visions, and ‘his charge to urge upon His Majesty a careful perusal of the chapters in Isaiah’.  The rest was complete nonsense.  He predicted France would be divided into three parts and that a new city, a sort of New Jerusalem must be built in commemoration of the event. Otherwise, hunger and pestilence would decimate the king's people.

The king was, in the circumstances, very kind.  He gave him some money and sent him home to his wife and five children, at his expense.

This is what happens when you listen to an out of body mischief maker.

Muller carried on sending the king 'prophesies' and the King carried on ignoring them, though clearly derived a certain amount of amusement value from them.

This observation has added interest, as Muller appears to have also gone through a rebirth process, this is described in the last paragraph

A description of the experience

One year before the outbreak of the last Austrian war, there appeared to me in the night a white figure which took me by the hand, so that I awoke. I thought at first, it was my wife, but I found she was quietly sleeping beside me. I sat up in bed awake for a time, and the figure disappeared. Then I lay down again, dozing off. But no sooner had I fallen asleep, then once again something grasped my hand and I was awoken. The figure was wholly like that of a human being.

It went toward a table in my room and, as I approached, it vanished suddenly. Outside, near the house, a sharp lightning flash came at the same time. I opened the window and saw in the sky a long train of cannon winding from France in the direction of Austria.

A fortnight before Christmas in 1805 I received another visitation, which again woke me and informed me that soon a war should also break out between France, Prussia and Russia, and that after a year's time I must go to the King of Prussia; that the Russian Emperor would likewise come there. But the Vision told me nothing of what I must do when I arrived before the King of Prussia.

On May 2nd 1806, immediately after sundown, there was a strong flash of lightning. I stood in the doorway of my house and in the sky I saw a sword traverse the full moon; the sword was red and moved northward.

At the  end of the year I recalled this portent, but my heart did not incline me to go forth because of it. On the first Sunday of the year 1807, the white figure reappeared to me and said: I must without delay make my way to the King of Prussia.  When I came to the King, I must not try to think what to say, for God would put in my mind what I was to say. The Russian Emperor would also arrive there, but I must not hesitate on that account, for no evil would befall me.

Then I promised to go, and the figure vanished.  Not knowing however, what I was to do when I reached the King I prayed that this might be made clear to me; and in fourteen days the figure once more appeared and told me I must abstain from my wife for seven days. Then I should be informed what I was to say to the King. After seven days someone in the night took me by the hand again and I awoke. All about me was so bright (it was midnight) as though all the house was in flames. I perceived, however, it was no fire, but a white brilliance like to the sun at midday. Before me stood an old man, about eighty years old by his appearance and he held two books under his arm.  They seemed very old, without binding and much wrinkled.

........I then passed, ..... into an ecstasy, during which I saw strange cities, savage animals, such as wolves, bears and lions attacking me, one of them wounding me ...........

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