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Eizon - The Ganmon - excerpt



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The following excerpt from the ganmon, or vow-decree, dictated by Eizon to his disciple Shokai in 1265, conveys Eizon's sense of the Mantra of Light as the fundamental expression of Sakyamuni's enlightenment.

A description of the experience

In the southern province in the great nation of Japan at Saidaiji, Ga'un Shamon Eizon and others were united in placing their palms together and in unison reciting that all of them took refuge in the buddha-treasure, all took refuge in the dharma-treasure, and all took refuge in the three treasures.  Then he said,

as for the Mantra of Light of the Great Baptism of the Buddha Vairocana of the Unfailing Rope Snare, when our original master the Tathagata Sakyamuni was still at the causal stage [of bodhisatwahood], concentrated his mind [on this mantra] and illuminated ten quintillion worlds by releasing innumerable, boundless rays of light. He vanquished the armies of Mara the Tempter and liberated all sentient beings. He realized the stage of buddhahood by single-mindedly relying on the power of this divine incantation. This [was realized] with the wisdom of the dharma-realm as its basis.

The moon attains its pristine state of equality in the illumination of its great circular mirror[-like character]. Dewdrops glisten with the hue of the mani jewel. The fine white hairs in the brow of the great compassionate Kannon (Skt. Avalokitesvara) sparkle as he expounds this mantra. The Tathagata Vairocana expounds this mantra and pours the jeweled light on the heads [of all beings].

It goes without saying that all sins are eliminated just as the morning sun evaporates the dew; [the mantra's] benefits are incalculable.

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