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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 25 Communication from his dead grandpa



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I think Matthew is right on this, I am suspicious too, it is just too pat. There are also words that are also suspicious - the use of the word 'later' as if time existed in the spirit realm - which it doesn't.

But the observation has its own interest, because it may mean that Matthew had a bodied spirit helper.  Someone who could guide him from afar and feed him this sort of thing, someone who could speak English, which given the worldwide use of English, tells us very little.  His helper could have been a jolly, laid back Rastafarian pot smoker or a wizzened old Indian ascetic.

Someone was coaching him.

I have not judged though and put both options down - disembodied and bodied

A description of the experience

The Link – Matthew Manning

On September 26th, 1972, my grandfather had a heart attack and died straightaway; he was just about to get in his car and drive home when he collapsed in a car park.

Three months later many messages began to arrive, purporting to come from him, although I had not requested him to write. One of these scripts is very interesting:

"Matthew, I should not tell you this, but we feel that this could be useful for you, so I will tell you to the best of my ability. There are places that I am not clear about. It was beautiful, smooth, no fear and gentle. Much of this is going to be difficult to explain in writing.

"The last thing I remember was feeling very dizzy. I had a shocking headache. I think I clutched but caught hold of nothing, lost my balance and fell. Then a point I do not remember. I just do not know.

"Then I appeared to be above the ground. I saw a body on the ground and a man in a dark coat leaning over it. I then knew it must be my body. I hovered, I think, and watched as it lay motionless. All around was quiet. Next I saw a silvery cord from my body to the new entity. (Sorry about the writing. It is getting worse.)

This cord extended from my shoulders, at the base of my head. Now there is another blank space.  Looking up I saw a field of bright white light and faces I knew, but had long since lost. My new body was gently rising. I left my earth body down below, and I slowly lost sight of everything, as if I was airborne.

"I was completely relaxed, free, drifting all the time up. I lost sight of all on the ground. After a short journey I came to rest here, in peace, with friends, old relations, and quiet. I cannot put into words anything else in earthly terms for you.

"If we can continue to talk, I can give you more of a picture.  Come back later. I can't go on now. A. G. Manning."

Whilst he was alive he knew of the psychic experiences our family had been through. He always appeared to be sceptical and not interested. And yet here was this message purporting to come from him. The signature was his, and the hand-writing similar to his, but I cannot help thinking that the description he gives is rather contrived and a traditional view of death. This may be correct though and no one is in a position to judge. Even so, after a considerable amount of messages I received through automatic writing there were several interesting points he made.


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Manning, Matthew

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