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Busey, Gary - And his NDE



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Gary Busey's Near-Death Experience | Celebrity Close Calls | REELZ

this video describes the accident that led up to the NDE

Near Death Experiences - NDE - Garey Busey ( NDEaccounts )

Gary Busey talks about his near death experience after a motorcycle accident in 1988. Gary died after surgery and went to the other side. He had no gender and no emotions about earth. Angels or guides talked to him about his progress in life.  He also talks later about his son Jake Busey.

The description is 6.30 minutes into the interview.  There is not much about the NDE itslef and it appears from the comments this has caused a great deal of annoyance to thosewho would have wanted more detail, but it is worth perservering, because the rest of the interview is proff, if proof were needed, that NDEs change people FUNDAMENTALLY.  The Gary Busey that came out of this NDE was not the person who went in.

As one commentator has said "As a result of his NDE, Busey has dedicated his life to Jesus and has been a prominent speaker at many Christian Promise Keepers rallies. He is no longer the "bad boy" of Hollywood. "

Near-Death Experiences of the Hollywood Rich and Famous extracted from Jean Ritchie's book, Death's Door.


Gary Busey's most life-changing experience was a near-fatal motorcycle accident that occurred on December 4th, 1988. Busey was riding his 750-pound Harley Davidson without wearing a helmet when he crashed while traveling about 40-50 mph. He flung over the top of his motorcycle and hit head-first into the curb. He split his skull from the right temple to the top of his head, knocking a hole in his head as big as a 50 cent piece, and fractured his lower back. While undergoing brain surgery, Busey had an NDE:

"When I went to the Other Side there were balls of light in the air and three of them came down to my essence. I was about a foot long and a quarter of an inch wide. I wasn’t a boy or a girl. I had no emotions from earth. And the light on the left spoke to me in an androgynous voice, in thought telling me what I’ve been doing was good, direction I was going in, good, ups and down downs ... [what] comes with the dinner on the unconscious menu. It said, 'Where are you going now? You need to look for help in the spiritual realm.' And then the voice said, 'You may come with us now or return to your body and continue your destiny. It’s your choice,' the light said."

Busey says that the balls of light surrounding him were angels; but they

"didn't appear in the form people see on Christmas cards. These angels floated around him and carried nothing but love and warmth -- and this love is unconditional."

Busey continues, "I died after surgery and I went to the Other Side and I had quite a journey that started me in a new door of my life. Understanding that there’s more here than I thought there was ... and that’s the way with everybody truly. There’s more in you than you think there is, and the giving and the loving you have, and not taking things personally, and not taking things seriously, will take you to a place of calm and relaxation where everything okay."


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Busey, Gary

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