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Fourteen year old girl sees us from down a well



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The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences – Dr Penny Sartori

Fourteen-year-old Tamsin was approaching death after a serious illness. This is what her mum reported:

On one occasion Tamsin described how she had felt that she was dying (weeks before her actual death) and her (deceased) nana was showing her heaven and she said it was a wonderful place where she felt so happy. Tamsin said that there was a well, which was very deep, and she could sit at the top and communicate with us down on earth from heaven. Tamsin drew pictures of this vision, which had an African theme.

On another occasion Tamsin said that she had felt that she was letting go of life and started to go into this amazing light where she felt wonderful and happy, but came back from it. One of these visions took place in hospital where she was very ill and just wanted to return home as she did not want to die in hospital.


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