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Gardner, Ingrid - The big wet bathroom



Type of Spiritual Experience


I also wonder whether it was a pun - the spirit world like puns - to come clean - confess.  Only Ingrid would know this.

A description of the experience

 I am in a building.  It has wide corridors almost as wide as a main road, which meet at various star shaped points, but there are no right angles, all of the corridors are at acute angles to each other.  The building seems to be quite maze like.  The ceilings are about the height you might find in a hospital and this place has a somewhat hospital like atmosphere. 

All along one side of the corridors are 'cells' with windows fairly spartan no bathrooom or anything, though they are quite light.  I have a cell.  I get the impression this is all I have left in the world - this cell and its spartan furniture. 

The corridors have one wall which is window to waist height and the corridors are quite light and not oppressive as a result, but you cannot see out, every pane of glass is frosted, so the light is that odd diffused light you get from frosted glass.  The cells are lit the same way, biggish windows but no views.  And the light behind seems not natural, as though the cells are actually all wall but they have tried to give the impression that there is a window using a false one and artificial lighting.  No soft furnishings in the cells - pretty depressing actually. 

The walls and ceiling of the entire building are painted in a soft white colour - in fact the overall impression I remember is no colour - which is strange because mostly I dream in colour.  The floors were shiny and clean [all very clean and neat and clinical] and made of that stuff that has little flecks of stone in polished concrete - can't remember its name but it isn't stone, it is a mixture, but when polished looks pleasant enough.  This was highly polished and pristine, a light colour again.

The overall impression of the dream was pressure, timetables,  pressure to meet deadlines. 

I have to be somewhere by 10, somewhere else by 12, there is this sense throughout the dream of having to meet someone else's orders.  This is what made the dream so unpleasant - that and the building and the knowledge that was my life - work, pressure and unfriendly clinical surroundings. 

I was walking along the corridor to the bathroom, a huge room all the same as the rest of the building.  No showers but really large white enamelled basins with big taps and one vast bath in an adjoining room, that had to be filled up each time for each succeeding person.  The bath is more like a small swimming pool and there is a small queue and I know I have a meeting at some time soon but also have been told to arrive clean.  And I can't see how I can bath and get to the meeting  - and I am panicking [I woke up later sweating with fear, with my heart really going fast at the terror of this]. 

In the bath is a girl who is just pratting about singing and not being very quick.  Then she gets out and there is hope on the horizon, because two people get in together [in the same water as the girl so some unexplained perceptions here]  - and I am almost at the front of the queue.  Then suddenly a group of four who have been chatting in a corner suddenly step in front of me in the queue.  I go ballistic asking them why they couldn't have at least told me they were in the queue too, then I could have made a decision about what to do and now it is too late to find another bathroom, and they just look on unconcerned.  But meanwhile the bath is overflowing, water and water and water everywhere lapping over the edge of the rim of this big pool thing, filling the bathroom and the corridors.  And I am still shouting............

Then I woke up................

The dream was remarkably consistent all the way through, though I suspect it was quite short in reality.  There was only one scene change - to the bathroom and even this seemed to fit with the previous scene, so very unusual for a dream because most dreams seem to do what your visions do - scene change quite a bit.

Water can be emotions, purification .... perhaps the objective was to clean myself of anger - but why the bleak surroundings and the pressure? 

Comment from friend:  A test. You are being cut off from your freedom and constrained with timetables. You have to become clean - it seems not up to you to decide that. I suspect that deep down you resent having to become clean. This is symbolic - to become clean is to rinse away some of what you are.  

The source of the experience

Gardner, Ingrid

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