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Ferries are symbolic of crossings, you cross the water to the other side.  Thus symbolically speaking, you go from the Earth across the water, to another shore – another levels and layers or beyond that .  The ferry is thus yet another symbol for a ‘means of transport’, a bit like a boat.  The difference is that someone else does the ferrying for you.  If you have help with a spiritual experience from a hypnotherapist for example, you are symbolically speaking being ferried.

The ferryman is to be found worldwide from the Greek myths of Charon to the Indian allegories and stories of the ferryman.  Thus as one can see, the person who helps you can take you down to the underworld or up to the other levels and layers.

The Buddhist text named the Prajna-paramita , for example, is called ‘The Wisdom (prajna) Gone to the Other Shore (paramita)’.  In most Buddhist teaching however, the ‘other shore’, is not just simply any old spiritual experience, it is the journey out of your cone and into the bowl of the cone beyond that means you have achieved enlightenment [see Types of Spiritual Experience].


Prajna Paramita-hrdaya sutra

O thou who art gone, who art gone, who art gone to the other shore, who hast landed on the other shore, O thou enlightenment, hail.

Charon in Greek myth


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