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Count of Eulenburg – 03 1915, July 31st



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The Bridge  over the River

Count of Eulenburg – 1915, July 31st

The mental images you are forming of me are not correct. I have not as yet disposed fully of the sheaths of the material world, therefore the ease of communication with you. It will be different later, more beautiful and more spiritualized, because I shall continue to shed more of the material substances. For this reason I may not approach you then as easily as now, but you must not think I shall be gone completely. I am living with you through the bond of love, which is more intensive than during lifetime, because now I can be within you. Therefore the intimate contact. But I shall not be able to make myself as susceptible to you as now, where no-absolutely no obstacles are between us.

Could you only perceive the appearance of everything here! A world the more real, the more true than yours because in yours all is mere semblance, and people do not see each other as they really are. No one can pretend here because one sees through the beings.

All this is great and sublime as soon as one stands above it. I can survey much now but not everything by far. The new surroundings influence me so strongly that it leaves me frequently unclear as to how much my spirit is able to penetrate it all. (Minor disturbance.)

You must believe in your power, otherwise these communications will be impossible on account of the strong influences surrounding you. You must distinguish correctly as soon as something strange intervenes.-Almost no hindrances would exist for me if you would try to be more courageous.

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Count of Eulenburg, Sigwart

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