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Sherrington, Sir Charles - Man and his Nature - The eye and its functions



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This is just one example of hundreds I could have used from Sherrington, but this is one of the more intriguing as Sherrington is saying that the eye as an assembly has a set of functions in its own right geared towards simply collecting and processing the single image, but that the combination of the two have additional functionality related to the processing of the combined image. This of course, from observation, we know to be true, as we perceive things in 3 dimensions and can work out spacial co-ordinates from the combined images.

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Sir Charles Sherrington – Man and his Nature

It is not spacial conjunction of cerebral mechanism which combines the two reports [from the eyes] …. It is much as though the right eye and left eye images were seen by one of two observers and the minds of the two observers were combined to a single mind. It is as though the right eye and left eye perceptions are elaborated singly and then psychically combined to one … It is as if each eye had a separate sensorium of considerable dignity proper to itself, in which mental processes based on that eye were developed up to even full perceptual levels

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Sherrington, Sir Charles

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