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Descartes, Rene - The physical world is a mathematical construct



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In effect, the physical world is actually just another sort of function.  The entire universe is thus functiion, with one specific set of functions creating what we think of as form.

Thus all form is mathematically described, but our perceptions simply smooth out the edges for us to provide us with a more artistically pleasing perspective.  Thus the function of beauty has a hand in creating  a view for us of things which are in reality just mathematical constructs

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Rene Descartes – Key Philosophical Writings

 Nothing further now remains but to enquire whether material things exist.  And certainly I at least know that these may exist in so far as they are considered as the objects of pure mathematics, since in this aspect I perceive them clearly and distinctly.


 Hence we must allow that corporeal things exist.  However, they are perhaps not exactly what we perceive by the senses, since this comprehension by the senses is in many instances very obscure and confused; but we must at least admit that all things which I conceive in them clearly and distinctly, that is to say, all things which speaking generally are comprehended in the object of pure mathematics are truly to be recognised as external objects.

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Descartes, Rene

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