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It may be helpful to have The Model of the Mind available whilst you read this definition.

The Perception activity produces Perceptions and Perceptions are a combined record of everything that has happened to things including us.  It is a log of activity and includes not just the input from the Senses but any Emotions as well. 

Without making it too complex every Function of each Aggregate that produces an output is used to create Perceptions.

The process itself is theoretically relatively simple because it is just a logging activity, although there is the added complexity of correct sequencing as the composite picture is built. 

Analogously it is like the sort of logging activity that takes place when we execute a program like Word.  We can see the effects of this when we apply the undo and redo button in Word. Because this log of activity has been kept we can both undo and redo a whole sequence of actions.


1. For details on what has Perceptions see Perceptions - what has perceptions

2.  See also Perception recall, for details on how Perceptions are recalled

3.  Memory and perceptions describes the relationship between Perceptions and Memory

4.  Memory and emotions describes how Perceptions related to high Emotion have an effect on Memory

5.  For information on how to improve the Perception process to make it more effective see Improving Perception 


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