Spiritual concepts

Higher spirit, personality and memory

Memory, and learnt functions are accumulated around Personalities.  Each Personality has its own Memory, separate from the Perceptions which are shared between Personalities.

We know this by examining the illness known as Multiple Personality disorder

During this illness, separate Personalities are created by the Higher Spirit – each with their own Memory in response to terrifying or stressful situations and consciousness transfers between Personalities. 

Thus, although generally speaking there is one Higher spirit, one Perceptions log and one Memory, you can get the situation where a person has the one Higher spirit,  one Perception log, but because they have multiple Personalities they have multiple Memories. 


For more detail on Multiple Personality click on this link.  Here you will find examples, including those of perhaps the best known case history of multiple personality, written by Professor Flora Schreiber - that of Sybil.   All the observations are to be found under this section. 


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