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Plumptre, Reverend Edward - The Spirits In Prison – The law of continuity



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The Spirits In Prison Life After Death By E. H. Plumptee D.D. Dean Of Wells

Prior to revelation all our thoughts of a life to come rest on our belief in the law of continuity. We are living, conscious beings, capable of willing, thinking, loving, acting, up to the hour of death. What is there in the fact of bodily death that should lead us to think that it stops that conscious and energetic life of the soul ?

And if the soul's existence continues, must we not think of it as passing into its new phase of being with the same capacities, with the character, plastic and capable of re-formation, in the same measure as at the hour of death ?

………………….. will it not be truer to our intuitive convictions, to the teaching of Scripture, to the analogy of God's moral government in this life, to the lessons of experience, to believe that the state into which the soul passes at death is one which admits of discipline, change, progress — that there also the love which does not will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance, proclaims evermore to the " spirits in prison," …., the glad tidings of reconciliation [redemption] ?

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Plumptre, Reverend Edward

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