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Kahuna - Instantaneous healing of a broken leg



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The Secret Science behind Miracles – Max Freedom Long

On the occasion in question, Combs attended a beach party at her country home. Many guests had arrived when a car drove up to the edge of the beach sand and several Hawaiians got out. Among them was a man who was slightly intoxicated. He missed his step from car to soft sand and fell. As he fell, there was the characteristic snapping sound of breaking bones.

Inspection showed a compound fracture of the left leg just above the ankle. The bone ends pressed visibly out against the skin. Combs, who had heard the familiar sound of breaking bones and had himself suffered such a break, realized the seriousness of the injury and proposed that the man be taken at once to Honolulu for treatment, but the elderly kahuna arrived on the scene and took over. Kneeling beside the injured man she straightened the foot and leg, pressing on the place where the ends of the broken bones pushed out the skin, and then began a low chanted prayer for healing. In a short time she fell silent.

Those who stood about watching tensely could see nothing until her hands suddenly moved slightly on the man's leg, and she took them away, saying quietly in Hawaiian, “The healing is finished. Stand up. You can walk."

The injured man, now entirely sobered, rose wonderingly to his feet, took a step, and then another. The healing was complete and perfect. The leg showed no indication of the break in any way.

The kahuna explanation of instant healing is one which involves: 

( 1 ) a High Self with a superior form of mentality and with ability to do the work.

(2) The high voltage of vital force or mana natural to all High Selves, and used in all miraculous works. And

(3) the flesh, bone and blood (technically these are all known as bodily “tissues") of the injured limb (taking the case above as an example), and the aka or shadowy body of the patient, particularly that part of it which duplicated the broken section of the leg.

The shadowy body of the low self is a mold of every cell of the body, also of its general shape, so the kahunas believed. To heal a broken bone, the High Self dissolved the injured bone and other tissues into ‘ectoplasm’, this usually being invisible, but not always.  As the shadowy body mold is made of invisible (etheric) substance, it cannot be broken or injured.

Thus, with the mold of the normal leg there at hand, the ectoplasmic material of the dissolved parts is resolidified in the mold, with the result that the healing is instant and the limb is restored to its former condition.

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