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Yeats, Georgie - A Vision - 1 On death



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W B Yeats – A Vision

The period between death and birth is divided into states analogous to the six solar months between Aries and Libra.  The first state is called the Vision of the Blood Kindred, a vision of all those bound to us through the Husk and Passionate Body.  Apparitions seen at the moment of death are part of the vision, a synthesis, before disappearance of all the impulses and images that constitute the Husk

At death consciousness passes from husk to spirit; husk and passionate body are said to disappear... and spirit turns from passionate body and clings to the celestial body until they are one and there is only one spirit; pure mind, containing within itself pure truth, that which depends only upon itself; ..........

creative mind clings to body of fate until mind deprived of its obstacle can create no more and nothing is left but the spirits at one, unrelated facts and aimless mind, the burning out that awaits all voluntary effort................ sometimes the celestial body is a prisoner in a tower rescued by the spirit...

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Yeats, Georgie

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