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Brunton, Dr Paul - A Search in Secret India - Sees the vision of the Maharishee



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==================================The following was a joint vision

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 A Search in Secret India – Paul Brunton

 suddenly the Maharishee bids me turn my gaze away to the bottom of the hill.  I obediently do so and to my astonishment discover that the western hemisphere of our globe lies stretched out far below.  It is crowded with millions of people; I can vaguely discern them as masses of forms, but the night's darkness still enshrouds them.
The sage's voice comes to my ears, his words slowly uttered
'When you go back there, you shall have this peace which you now feel.  But its price will be that you shall henceforth cast aside the idea that you are this body or this brain.  When this peace will flow into you, then you shall have to forget your own self, for you will have turned your life over to THAT'.

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Brunton, Paul

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