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Katha Upanishad



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Katha Upanishad

Atman, the Spirit of vision, is never born and never dies.  Before him there was nothing, and he is ONE for evermore.  Never born and eternal, beyond times gone or to come, he does not die when the body dies.

If the slayer thinks he kills, and If the slain thinks that he dies, neither knows the way of truth.  The Eternal in man cannot kill: the Eternal in man cannot die.

Concealed in the heart of all beings is the Atman, the Spirit, the Self; smaller than the smallest atom, greater than the vast spaces.  The man who surrenders his human will leaves sorrow behind, and beholds the glory of the Atman by the grace of the Creator.

Resting he wanders afar; sleeping, he goes everywhere.  Who else but my Self can know that God of joy and of sorrows?

When the wise realise the omnipresent Spirit, who rests invisible in the visible and permanent in the impermanent, then they go beyond sorrow

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