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N. S. Emerson control the winds



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Max Freedom Long – The Secret Science behind miracles [1948]

N. S. Emerson, now some time passed over, was a surveyor in Hawaii for many years. His work took him to isolated parts where kahunas were still at work, and he won the friendship of more than one healer. One kahuna, who was adept in the high magic of weather control, undertook to teach Mr. Emerson the art. He "introduced" him several times to the invisible "god" (Aumakua) who controlled the weather, and taught him to recite a ritual prayer to cause the winds to increase or decrease.

The kahunas demonstrated the workability of the magic repeatedly, so giving him faith in it. Under their guidance he made the prayer and watched its answer take form. In the end he came to be able to think of the "god" and recite the prayer, getting results the same as his teacher.

The prayer is a simple one which embodies definite mental pictures of the condition wanted. It is repeated aloud, and forms a physical stimulus to cause the low self to make contact and carry the telepathic request of the prayer. The prayer calls on the "Winds of Hilo" and either asks that the little winds be put back in the wind calabash and the large winds released to blow, or that the large winds be put into the wind calabash and the little ones let out to blow. Nothing in the prayer indicates the nature of its power or the mechanism of its magic. It is not so much what is said as it is what goes on in the low self that counts in magic.

Mr. Emerson retained his contact with the High Self of this level all the rest of his life. Repeatedly his friends came to him to get his help in quieting the weather when they wished to go by ship between the islands. On the annual kite day at Kamehameha School for Boys, he was invariably asked to be present, and to make the prayer for the large winds to be let out of the wind calabash (symbolic, of course) so that the big kites could go up. I have talked with a number of people who have witnessed the blowing up of a good strong breeze within ten minutes after the making of the prayer, although I was never fortunate enough to see this myself. If he ever failed the boys and their kites, I have heard nothing of the failure.

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