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Brunton, Dr Paul - The Quest of the Overself - Letting the Self seek you



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The Quest of the Overself – Paul Brunton

 Consciousness is now ready to free itself entirely from the ego with which it has heretofore identified itself.  It will do so of its own accord, if one permits, but any attempt to hasten the process by self will defeats its own purpose and stultifies the change-over.

The first fruit of success will be a feeling that one is being torn asunder from one's mooring in life, a momentary loss of the sense of reality of the universe.  It is like plunging into an abyss of infinity where the essence of one's existence threatens to pass away beyond recall.

This curious condition mingles a momentary, but powerful, fear of death with a sense of being liberated.  The two struggle with each other, seeking possession of one's soul, enacting a divine drama, which takes place within the centre of one's being.  Absolute fearlessness, a readiness to die, is now called for.  Such a burning purpose will, with time, turn all resistance to ash and dust.

With practise, the day arrives when this struggle passes away and a premonition will come that the supreme change is rising to complete ascendency in the horoscope of one's mood.  It should be met by an attitude of utter surrender.

'Not mine, but Thy will be done'

This involves even giving up all thought of being on a spiritual path, of seeking a spiritual goal.  Formerly one was a worker for this or that stage of inner attainment, now one must become a vessel, self emptied which lies waiting for the divine influx to come when and how it will.

There must be the fullest possible opening of oneself.  There must not be the slightest reservation in any direction.  One should rest, with breath subdued, like a darkening landscape hushed before the dying sun.  One must wait patiently, perfectly patient, for response to come out of the stillness.  Instead of continuing to seek the Self by means of intellectual exertions, one stops and lets the Self seek him.  It is only after this point is passed that the miraculous power of meditation leads one from the sublime stillness to the divine source whence the I arises.

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Brunton, Paul

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