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Blithe spirit - The Other



Type of Spiritual Experience


I had just had pleurisy when I wrote this and was in recovery

A description of the experience

The Other –  [1978]


When you wake up in the morning
Do you see him in the glass?
Does he laugh at you and mock you
Do you smile and let it pass?

Does he giggle when you’re trying
To put up a serious case?
Does he cry at films and parties
When you’re keeping a straight face?

Does he stamp his feet when thwarted
And curse and scream and shout
When you, at times of pressure
Grit your teeth and ride it out

Does he tremble, is he nervous
When you’re trying to be calm
Is he frightened when there’s danger
When you would brave alarm

Is he always late and always wrong
And always so evasive
Does he bungle all the arguments
When you’re trying to be persuasive

He knows, you know, he senses
How to drive you wild with stealth
That clown of a shadow person
Your mysterious other self

The source of the experience

Blithe spirit

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