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Crowley - 08 Lust



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One of the more fascinating aspects about Crowley's card is that his Lion has multiple faces, which reflects the very complex nature of the Personality, both in one life and over multiple lives.  In other words it is possible for a person to have a multiple personality in one life, and over several reincarnations, they will be given many personalities each suited to their destiny.

She is 'taming the Lion', as such Crowley has not veered in any way from the Tarot symbolism, but he has added an extra dimension.  

He also shows well the purpose of the need to tame the Lion.  In other cards like Rider Waite's, the Subconscious is preoccupied with the taming, but in Crowley's card she is both taming [riding] the Lion and reaching for the Higher spirit and the reservoir of spiritual energy that lies there.

The snakes comming out the top are tunnels implying an opening to a wider spiritual world.  At the bottom we have the hint of a deeper subconscious - male and related to the autonomic system.

The tail is like that because it hints at the symbolism of the scorpion, but more precisely the coccyx and Crowley's preferred method of achieving sexual experience - sex!

A lovely innovative design.

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