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The following observation is, like many observations that I have collected, not straightforward when it comes to pinning down the exact mechanism that caused the experience. In Vincent’s case he was both sleep deprived and befuddled by the overwork – mentally exhausted. He was also very stressed, emotionally overloaded, so in fact we have three possible reasons why he had this experience – and like many of the experiences it was probably this combination that ultimately gave him the experience

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John Geiger – The Third Man factor

From the Foreward by Vincent Lamb recounting his own experience

My encounter with the third man occurred during my premedical studies. One winter, over a span of weeks, I faced a succession of daunting exams encompassing a huge range of material. I felt that I must perform flawlessly, and would otherwise ruin my chances of being admitted to medical school. During those weeks, I did nothing but study, eat sleep and write exams. Outside it snowed heavily. Even when I slept, I dreamt of molecular biology and biochemistry, so that I never woke refreshed, only anxious to open the books again. I developed a sort of tunnel vision about my life because on these exams hinged my course grades, upon which rested my prospects for medical school, and that was a great part of my sense of self worth and hope for my own future.

One evening, after along day of intensive studying, I was completely exhausted by both the complexity of abstract information and the level of detail that I was trying to absorb. I decided to take a shower. In the shower I sensed a presence. It did not alarm or frighten me because I knew immediately that the presence …. Wished to help me….

[The presence] spoke to me and gave me advice. It offered practical suggestions about how to conduct my daily life, how to learn and how to manage my emotions. [It] did not promise admission to medical school, but reassured me that things would work out as they should, that I should have faith.

I decided to record some of this valuable advice. I got out of the shower, sat down at the computer and wrote several pages of guidance … I saved these words on both the hard drive and a floppy disk, went to bed and had my first restful sleep in weeks.

Strangely when I went to look for those pages of advice to review what I had been told, I could not find them

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