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Julian of Norwich - I it am, I it am



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Although Julian was shown further visions that purported to be of Christ dying, they had a very symbolic quality with colours being used to signify stages [blue for example] and the use of wind which has its own spiritual meaning that poor Julian didn’t understand. I won’t use this part but also show that it is highly likely that all the images were of her Higher spirit, who was attempting to contact her and teach her. In the following it is worth noting that in Hindu thought there is the expression Tat Tvam Asi . It is a Sanskrit sentence, translated variously as "That thou art," "Thou art that," "You are that," or "That you are".

What is perhaps sad about the whole process she went through is that her preconceptions severely hampered her from understanding what she saw.  In effect her experience is a lesson that cleaning out our memories of irrelevant belief systems is key to getting the full meaning of any experience we are given. 

So stymied by her religion from understanding – very sad.

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Julian of Norwich – Revelations of Divine Love

I it am, I it am:
I it am that is highest,
I it am that thou lovest,
I it am that thou enjoyest,
I it am that thou servest,
I it am that thou longest for,
I it am that thou desirest,
I it am that thou meanest,
I it am that is all.
I it am that shewed me here to thee.

The number of the words passeth my wit and all my understanding and all my powers

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Julian of Norwich

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