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Mary Wilding



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From Death Bed Visions – Sir William Barrett
From Mrs Shepherd of Orleton in Herefordshire

A woman named Mary Wilding was dying of cancer.  She was passionately fond of her husband Charles Wilding. They had worked together, brought up their children, saved some money, and bought a nice little house in Orleton, where they spent some comfortable and happy years together.

When she realized that she would die and leave 'Charlie,' she became very unhappy and made them all very miserable by fretting and constantly complaining of her fate.

One day as the end drew near, when a sister of hers, who was helping to look after her, happened to be alone in the room with Mary Wilding, she suddenly looked up with such a bright expression of  face and said, ' Oh, Emmie, Mother is here ; she has come for me, and is going to take me with her.'

She never lost the feeling of confidential joy, and passed away the day after quite peacefully

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