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Burton, Sir Richard - THE KASÎDAH 09 2



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Burton, Sir Richard - THE KASÎDAH 09 2

With Ignor'ance wage eternal war,
to know thy self forever strain,
Thine ignorance of thine ignorance
is thy fiercest foe, thy deadliest bane;

Yes! maugre all thy dreams of peace
still must the fight unfair be fought;
Where thou mayst learn the noblest lore,
to know that all we know is nought.

True to thy Nature, to Thy self,
Fame and Disfame nor hope nor fear:
Enough to thee the small still voice
aye thund'ering in thine inner ear.

The Now, that indivisible point
which studs the length of infinite line
Whose ends are nowhere, is thine all,
the puny all thou callest thine.

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Burton, Sir Richard Francis

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