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Yeats, Georgie - A Vision - 2 Meditation



Type of Spiritual Experience


The stage after death was called meditation by Georgie's 'instructors'.

A description of the experience

W B Yeats – A Vision

During the Meditation, Husk and Passionate body disappear, but may persist in some simulacrum of themselves as do the mask and the will in primary phases.  If the husk so persists, the spirit will continue to feel pleasure and pain, remains a fading distortion of living man, perhaps a dangerous succuba or incubus, living through the senses and nerves of others.  If there has been a great animal egotism, heightened by some moment  of tragedy, the husk may persist for centuries, recalled into a sort of life and united to its spirit, at some anniversary, or by some unusually susceptible person or persons connected with their past life.  In the third discarnate state, a state I shall presently describe, it may renounce the form of a man and take some shape from the social or religious tradition of its past life, symbolic of its condition.

If the passionate body does not disappear, the spirit finds the celestial body only after long and painful dreams of the past.... If death has been violent or tragic the spirit may cling to the passionate body for generations. 

The source of the experience

Yeats, Georgie

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