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In order to fulfill their role in the overall task or activity of the Great Work, a person is equipped with attributes that are suited to the nature of the task – skills or abilities, personal characteristics, patience for example, or good humour or  compassion, tolerance, gentleness, or maybe courage, resilience and so on.  This is the Personality.

Astrologically this would be recognisable to most people as their birth chart – the 'time' and 'place' of birth deciding the characteristics one has.  But this is just the apparent mathematical functioning that accounts for the allocation.  The allocation is much more on the lines of a kit-bag of capabilities and skills that the person is able to draw on – charisma, perhaps or the ability to think logically.

The Personality thus allocated is symbolically known as the  'Mask' .

We see the symbolism of the mask used in a huge number of everyday festivals and events.  The Venice carnival that takes place in February, for example, enables people to dress up in the clothes of the character they wish to portray and then don a mask matching the character chosen.  February is almost equivalent in terms of the symbolism of the  Spiritual path to the  stage when this actually happens – March might be a little closer, but overall the end of February would be perfectly timed from a symbolic point of view [see Four seasons and the hours].   The dead who have endured the symbolic 'Winter' have been through all the stages of purification and relearning and are getting ready to burst into life again – to be born with the mask appropriate to the Body of Fate they have been allocated -  the specific tasks of this incarnation.

The Tarot cards too employ the use of the Mask in a number of the cards, signifying symbolically the same thing.

W B Yeats – The Mask

"PUT off that mask of burning gold
With emerald eyes."
"O no, my dear, you make so bold
To find if hearts be wild and wise,
And yet not cold."

"I would but find what's there to find,
Love or deceit."
"It was the mask engaged your mind,
And after set your heart to beat,
Not what's behind."

"But lest you are my enemy,
I must enquire."
"O no, my dear, let all that be;
What matter, so there

Armande Rassenfosse – Le Masque


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