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Dr M Morse - From Closer to the Light - Egyptian rebirth reconstruction



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This is an imagined re-enactment of a ceremony, but it is a possible description of the Egyptian forms of rebirth initiation ceremony, as it says it was based on an

" an actual description of their rites from Egyptologists who have translated their hieroglyphs"

Other evidence seems to suggest that the effects were achieved simply by sensory deprivation rather than asphyxiation, but the facts relating to lying in a chest are correct.



A description of the experience

From Closer to the Light – Dr M Morse

Deep in an underground chamber a solemn group of men is seeking guidance from death.  They are dressed in white robes and chanting softly around a casket that is sealed with wax.  One of their members is steadfastly counting to himself, carefully marking the time.  After about 8 minute, the casket is opened and the man who nearly suffocated inside is revived by the rush of fresh air.

He tells the men around him what he saw.  As he passed out from lack of oxygen, he saw a light that became brighter and larger as he sped towards it through a tunnel.  From that light came  a radiant person in white who delivered a message of eternal life.

The priest who is attending this ceremony is pleased with the results.  'No man escapes death' he says.  'And every living soul is destined to resurrection.  You go into the tomb alive that you will learn of the light'.

The man who died but is now reborn is happy.  He is now a member of one of the strangest societies in history, a group of civic leaders who induced nearly fatal suffocation to create a near death experience.

This was the cult of Osiris, a small society of men who were the priests and pharaohs of ancient Egypt, one of the greatest civilisations in human history.  This account of how they inspired near death is an actual description of their rites from Egyptologists who have translated their hieroglyphs.

One of the most important Egyptian rituals involved the re-enactment by their god-king of the myth of Osiris, the god who brought agriculture and civilisation to the ancient Egyptians.  He was the first king of Egypt who civilised his subjects and then travelled abroad to instruct others in the fine art of civilisation.

His enemies plotted against him.  Upon his return to Egypt, he was captured and sealed in a chest.  His eventual resurrection was seen as proof of life eternal....

It is my guess that many slaves perished while the Egyptians experimented to find out exactly how long a person could be sealed in an airtight container and survive


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