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Tolstoy, Leo - Confessions - Discovers the meaning of faith



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Leo Tolstoy – Confessions

I finally understood that, despite all the apparent absurdity that faith gives to answers, only the faithful have the privilege of introducing into the relationship of each response the finite to the infinite, without which the answer to my question ‘why are we here’ cannot exist.

Whichever way I ask myself the question now: "Why do I live?”

The answer can only be :" the law of God "

The real in my life - The eternal suffering or bliss.

The Eternal ....

That which is not destroyed by death –

Union with the infinite God, paradise.

So I was inevitably led to recognize that, independently of the so called 'Intelligent', humanity at large had other wisdom, unreasoning wisdom: faith, which gives them a reason to live.

Any foolishness of faith remained for me the same as before, but I could not fail to recognize that it alone was providing humanity answers to questions of life and, therefore, their reason for living.

Reasoning alone had led me to this ‘nonsense of life’ confession, which provided me with no reason for being, and wanted to destroy me.

….. Faith alone gives man the opportunity to live, and the main characters of faith are the same everywhere and always.

Faith answers all, that life is infinite, everlasting, and neither suffering nor hardship nor death
can destroy it. This means that it is only in faith we can find the meaning and possibility of life.

What then is faith?

And I understood that faith is not just an acceptance of the existence of invisible things, nor is it based on revelation, which is only a by-product of faith itself; nor is faith the relationship of man to God - we have to define faith and then God, not faith set by God - it is not the mere consent of the man to believe what he was told.

Faith is the knowledge of the meaning of human life, knowledge that man is not destroyed, but lives in Spirit.

Faith is the life force.

If man lives in that he believes in something.

Without faith we cannot live.

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Tolstoy, Leo

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