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Full Inter-dimensional Interview: Bashar and Alan Steinfeld 01



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Full Inter-dimensional Interview: Bashar and Alan Steinfeld

Welcome to New Realities, my name is Alan Steinfeld and on this program I would like to explore the possibilities of who we are as an evolving...spiritually connected race on this planet. Where we're going to and how the nature of our perceptions about reality are changing. Today's guest is someone who's devoted a lot of time and energy into explaining the process of this evolution and he's...the channel for Bashar.

Darryl Anka is the guest and he will be channeling Bashar who...is a consciousness from another time and space. I'm very excited about that possibility of doing this channeling right as we see it, live but let me talk to Darryl. -Hey Darryl. –

Hi, how you doing?

Good. So, you've been channeling Bashar for... -24 years. -What I'm curious about... ...is the process of what you do to tap into that other place in order to bring this entity through just describe that.

The connection process as I understand is a kind of a telepathic contact and what I've been trained to do is change the...frequency of my own brainwaves to be something closer to the level in which they exist and at the same time Bashar will do the same thing from his end.
So that somewhere in the middle the brainwave frequencies meet and lock together.

What you then get is his thoughts translating into the language that I obviously was raised to understand which is English.
He's not speaking, he's just sending thoughts but I'm translating that because our wavelengths are synchronized.

But how do you actually make that shift to go there?

Well, in the beginning when I was being trained it was a matter of going through different kinds of meditation exercises in order to learn how to get the brainwaves to shift that way. At this point, 24 years later, it's a very automatic thing. As soon as I just open myself up to that connection the process just happens automatically and it takes me to that level.

So, you sort of relax into yourself, you would say?

Yeah. For me it's like falling into kind of a daydream state in much the same way that if you were having a daydream you might not hear somebody come into the room and call your name, or the words would sound like they're a million miles away.
I have my own experience which is sometimes energetic. Sometimes I'll feel maybe the emotionality of the concept that's being discussed. I might get abstract images.

I don't always know how those images relate to what is being discussed but I know the concept that's being discussed will sink into my consciousness in whatever way I might need to use it in my life.
But the words are completely secondary and when I come out of it it's like waking up from a dream the whole thing just fades and I don't really know what was said.

One more question before you go into.... Do you ever play with those states of consciousness in a sense, where you may just experiment and sort of go there but hold a little back just to observe your own mind...

Well I think channelling is a natural state that everyone can do and everyone does from time to time. Anytime you become involved in anything you love to do and you get lost in that moment, that's a channeling state. So, I certainly use that state creatively in my own work in film, in art and things like that.
So, I think everyone does that and I certainly use it in that context. And sometimes, rarely, I might open up to just get a "download" from higher levels or from Bashar for something I may want to specifically know about but I don't use it for that as often as I just use it for my own creative expression.

So, it's been fun these last few years?

Yeah, it's been a terrific ride.

You don't feel like you've missed a part because some channels complain...

No, I mean there were times when I was channeling so much that it was kind of like "I didn't have a life" and I wasn't really grounded here.
I was kind of like sort of dizzy half the time and I just learned to regulate myself because it's equally important for the channel to learn and grow from this experience as it is for the people that the information is being delivered to.
So, it's important for the channel to also take the time to have a life and incorporate that information.

Great, great. Thank you. -So... -Ready? -Could you talk as you do it?


So, that we can all get there ourselves.

No, sorry.

Ok, do your thing. But, could you describe a little bit where you put your mind before you actually go in there?

Well again, at this point all I really am doing is just relaxing in a way that just opens me up to whatever is going to connect. The best thing I can do is just describe it as a state of total trust. It's like you're putting yourself kind of, in someone else's hands for a moment and just letting that energy take over the driver's seat.

It's so exciting to watch because it's as if at some point someone grabs up the back of your neck and sort of...

The energy will align my body in order to make sure that it is where it needs to be to be supported. The breathing will change and everything to add extra oxygen to support the extra energy. So, everything that's happening is simply an automatic side effect of the need for my body to be able to sustain that state in a way that doesn't exhaust me. It actually energizes me at the end.

Thanks. Ok. Thanks, this is exciting. I don't think anyone's ever actually channeled on the program during the interview but...go ahead!

Long pause……………………………….

Good day to you in this day of your time.

-How are you?

-Very good.

-Thank you so much for being here. –

It is our pleasure always to co-create these transmissions with each and every one of you for in doing so we are allowed to experience through all of you different facets of the multi-dimensional crystal of All That Is . It also forms a link and a bridge between your reality and ours and creates and generates a third reality in which we may all one day interact more closely. So, we thank you for this opportunity.

We thank you for this gift and we invite you to commence in whatever way, shape or form your imagination so desires.

What would you like to discuss this day?

Well first of all, the sort of the process. Because I talked to Darryl a little bit about...what happens. Are you waiting on this other side for him to just go to that space?

No real waiting is happening on our behalf because we can instantly sense when the connection needs to happen. Time for us is not what it is for you. We may be having this communication with you in what you would consider to be your past or your future. So, it doesn't necessarily interrupt our time frame when you decide to do this.
So, it is simply a matter of our consciousness being aware of when a connection is being made and when that connection is being made, our lives will synchronistically allow us to be at the right place, the right time in order for the connection to happen and we simply allow it to form.

So, you aren't busy doing something else like having lunch or something and then...

No. Besides which we don't eat.

Ok. But the synchronicity is so much a part of how your society functions.

It is exactly how our society functions. Not just a part. It is, in that sense, the overriding controlling factor. We allow synchronicity to be the representation of the orchestration, the natural harmonic orchestration of All That Is. When each and every individual in a society is allowed to be the full individual that they are and allowed to express themselves to their full capacity then you will find, you will discover that an automatic orchestration of unification and harmony takes place and guides each and every individual to be at the right place, the right time interacting with exactly whom they need to interact within exactly the right moment and there are in that sense, then no accidents.

But some people say that actually is also happening here.

-It is but you don't know it.


And so, the idea is to be aware of it so that you can utilize it in a way that is to your positive constructive benefit instead of allowing yourselves to also create the idea of what you might classically call "negative synchronicity". Which also does happen.

So, by being aware that everything is happening for divine synchronistic purpose we get tapped into the flow.

Yes. And in riding that flow, in riding that wave each and every individual is also supported in whatever that individual is most excited about accomplishing or doing or expressing in life.

So, the problem that happens here is that the mind gets in the way.

What you call "the physical mind".

Thinking that we have to control things.

Yes. Physical mind is not designed, in that sense, to control life. It is not designed to make things work. It is not even designed to know how things, in a sense will actually come to be.
Within a limited frame of reference, yes, physical mind can be used for pattern recognition and figuring certain kinds of logical ideas out. But it has limitations. And the idea is that in terms of how things will actually manifest in your life what factors will actually come into place to allow your life to manifest and unfold in the way that would best represent your natural self the higher mind is designed to do that, but physical mind is not.
Physical mind is designed to experience what the higher mind has manifested and thus physical mind understands what has happened.
But it operates mostly in the idea of the present experience and past tense and thus when the physical mind attempts to use past experience to attempt to figure out how to create future manifestation it becomes frustrated and stuck and often will...find that attempting to do the same thing over and over again will simply put it into a rote or a cycle.
Whereas if physical mind learns to communicate with higher mind and allows higher mind to simply bring to bear how something needs to happen and physical mind simply sits back and allows itself to experience that manifestation and understand how it did happen then physical mind is doing the job it was designed to do in allowing higher mind to do its job as well.

Because we are really the higher mind in essence in our divine essence, would you say?



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Anka, Darryl

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