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Anka, Darryl

Category: Ordinary person

Darryl Anka (born October 12, 1951 in Ottawa, Ontario) is a medium or ‘channeler’ who claims to channel an extraterrestrial entity named Bashar. He is also the cousin of 1960s singer Paul Anka.

We would not normally include a living source who makes money from books, videos, appearances and so on, as our source selection process excludes anyone who makes money from their claims. 

Darryl has, for example, appeared as a guest speaker in conferences about the paranormal, appeared in the 2008 documentary, Tuning In, written and directed a fictional documentary about the afterlife called Dearly Departed through his production company, Zia Films and has produced  a documentary called First Contact, about channeling and extraterrestrial contact.

But he has a big following and the channeling he produces is at times really chilling, like an allegory of what is actually happening on earth.  And his interest in this area was kindled by two UFO sightings.

UFOs and space aliens have appeared to have taken over his entire life, as when not channeling, Anka has worked as a visual and special effects designer for such films as Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I, Robot, Pirates of the Caribbean, Live Free or Die Hard and Iron Man.

Details of Anka’s space contact Bashar can be found in the observations, where we have a transcript of one session in which Bashar makes contact.  Bashar says he pilots a space craft and comes from “an alternate dimensional planet located 500 light-years away in the direction of the Orion constellation, called Essassani.”

On his own website Darryl describes how he became involved in channeling and what prompted him to begin his long journey of discovery

Darryl Anka - A Message From Darryl; How it all began

On two occasions within the same week in 1973, I had close-range, broad-daylight sightings of UFOs with witnesses present both times.

At each sighting we saw a dark metallic, triangular craft about 30 feet on each side. There were three blue-white lights, one on each -point-, and one orange-red light in the center. The craft in the first sighting was about 150 feet away; in the second sighting, only about 60 feet away.

After seeing something that I knew could not be the product of Earthly technology, I was curious to find out all I could on UFO phenomena. I began reading everything I could find. Browsing bookshelves for UFO literature, I quickly discovered other books on different -paranormal- subjects, such as psychic powers, spirits and channeling. I read a few of these as well as UFO books so that I could broaden my research and acquire a greater understanding of the metaphysical field of knowledge.

Ten years after the UFO sightings, I was introduced to a practicing channel. After several months of listening to the information delivered by the spirit entity being channeled through the person, I was amazed by the consistency and quality of the information I was hearing on a variety of subjects. Eventually, that entity offered to teach channeling to whoever wished to learn. This surprised me at first, as I had assumed channeling was not something that could be taught. Nevertheless, I joined the channeling class not intending to become a channel myself, but rather to learn more about the process by which this entity seemed capable of accessing volumes of information on endless subjects.

Midway through the course, which contained many guided meditations and mental exercises designed to shift one’s consciousness to various states, I received what sounded like a telepathic message in my mind. I became instantly aware of three things:

1. The message was from an extraterrestrial consciousness that I was to call Bashar (the UFO I had seen was his ship),

2. A memory came back to me that I had made an agreement at some point prior to this life to channel him, and

3. That now was the time to fulfill this agreement, if I still felt like doing so.

At first, I questioned this internal experience. Was I hallucinating? Was this some strange side effect of the meditations the class members had been given? However, while I sat silently pondering some of these questions, the entity teaching the class became aware that I was communicating with something from another plane of existence. He urged me to trust it and learn to work with it.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to explore the possibility of letting this Bashar entity speak through me to see what would happen. I figured that even if it wasn’t really another entity, even if it was some mysterious portion of my own consciousness, the information that could be accessed through this channeling process could be used to help people make constructive and positive changes in their lives. Whatever the source, I decided to continue.

 I have now been channeling publicly since that time in 1983, and Bashar has spoken on a wide variety of subjects to thousands of people in cities throughout the United States, as well as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Egypt, Greece, and the Czech Republic.

The Meaning of the Name “Bashar”:

When the telepathic message first awoke in my mind, the word “Bashar” came along with it. I assumed this was simply the entity’s name. However, I came to realize, based on Bashar’s descriptions of his own society, that in their world they are all telepathic and do not use names as we do. Since he knew that we would need to call him by some name, the name Bashar was chosen.

Bashar is an Arabic word, probably chosen because my heritage is half-Arabic, although I don’t speak the language. I had no idea what the word meant until someone fluent in Arabic told me it means “messenger,” or more specifically “bringer of good news.” Thus, while not literally his name, the word is certainly appropriate to what Bashar does.

I always make it clear to people that they do not have to believe that Bashar is really an extraterrestrial in telepathic communication with me during the channelings. If they want to believe the words are coming from another part of my own consciousness, that’s fine with me. I have no way of proving Bashar’s existence to anyone anyway. The most important thing is that the information, wherever it’s coming from, has made a difference in many people’s lives, including my own.

The information has answered many burning questions with cool satisfaction and clarity, expanded my creativity, inspired and instructed others how to change their lives for the better, and provided insights into concepts I never imagined possible. For that gift-, I am eternally grateful, no matter what the source may be. It is my desire that this information will expand your spirit, heighten your awareness of the limitless potential that life offers each and every day, inspire you to follow your highest joy and, as Bashar so often suggests to: “Live your dreams, instead of merely dreaming about being alive.”

With warmest regards,

Darryl Anka



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